Baby Hand & Foot Casting

Quality baby hand and foot life casting

Our new baby hand and foot casting service creates a beautiful and unique way to help you to remember how small your child once was when they have grown older.

A unique gift like no other keepsake.

With our 3D life casts every details is captured, from the small fingernail to the tiny creases and skin pores. It really is a unique gift which you can treasure forever.

It’s also the perfect gift for new parents or grandparents, to celebrate their family’s new addition.  We offer gift vouchers which are very popular for christenings, baptism, baby showers or for your partner.

Various options available

Also see our Family Hand Casts for more options for older children, or with siblings and parents.

Engravings can also be added for an addition £8 – £10.

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I brought my son here for a casting of his hand and foot and to repaint and reframe a casting I had done by another company a few years ago and her work is absolutely spectacular. The time, care and effort that went into every stage. From choosing frames, colours and writing to compliment one another everything was just perfect. I can’t recommend this lady enough. Amazing work.

Jennifer Smith

Baby Hand and Foot price examples - up to 6 Months

7 Months – 1 year: £5 extra per cast,

1-4 years: £10 extra per cast

baby hand and foot keepsake gift

Baby Hand & Foot

framed baby hand and foot cast with photo of sleeping baby

Baby Hand & Foot

baby hand and foot cast

Baby Hands / Feet

baby hand & foot with 2 photos

Baby Hand & Foot

twin baby hand and foot casting framed

Twin Baby Hand & Foot

Baby Hands & Feet

Baby Hands & Feet

framed baby love cast with two feet in gold

Baby Love Cast

Baby Love Cast

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