Baby Hand & Foot Clay Prints

baby hand and foot clay impression framed keepsake

At Cast a Memory we create highly detailed and accurate clay impressions of baby hand and foot prints, which make a ideal way to record a special moment in time. 

Gift vouchers are available

Creating beautiful baby hand and clay impressions for over 10 years

Clay baby hand and foot prints, also known as hand and foot impression, are the ideal way to record that special moment in time and a perfect keepsake to treasure forever.

At Cast a Memory we create highly detailed and accurate clay impressions of your babies hands and feet.

Our Clay impressions are not just limited to newborn baby but we can also do family hand clay impressions, teenagers and adult hands.

There are lots of different options available, please ask for details.

We also offer gift vouchers which are perfect as a new baby gift, baptism/christening, baby showers or a gift for a special friend.

I purchased a double hand & foot print in an oak frame. The finished product was beautiful, and very well made. Sharon provided a great friendly service and would highly recommend.
Julia Hearn 

Clay Baby Hand and Foot Prints

Clay impressions can be taken from just 1 day old.

The impression tile is mounted in a hand made glazed frame of your choice including Oak, Black, White, Silver and dark stained wood and is fully lined with a colour mountboard of your choice.

Every frame is custom made to ensure a perfect fit. 

You can even frame multiple prints together, so you can put the whole family on display.

Add an engraving for £6.00

Gift vouchers available

Price examples - Under 11 months (12 months and over Extra £10 on one tile, £15 on 2 tiles up to 4 years)

Framed single clay baby hand and foot impression

Baby Hand & Foot

1 Hand & 1 Foot on single tile


Framed Baby clay hand and foot impressions with name

Baby Hands & Feet

1 Hand & 1 Foot on two separate tiles with photo

with wooden letters +£15

Baby hand and foot impressions in clay mounted in a wooden frame

Baby Hand & Foot

1 Hand & 1 Foot on two tiles

(Premium frame and fabric £110)

baby frame clay hands and feet with photo

Baby Hand & Foot

1 Hand & 1 Foot with 1 photo


clay hands and feet impressions in a light wood frame

Baby Hands & Feet

2 Hand & 2 Feet


Hand Print in Clay with photo

Baby Hand / Foot

1 Hand or 1 Foot with 1 photo


baby hands and feet clay impressions with photo

Baby Hands & Feet

2 Hands & 2 Feet with photo

with wooden letters +£15

Sibling Prints

Single tiles together

Under 12 years
3 single hands

4 single hands

3 double prints - hand and foot

For over 12 years
There will be an extra £10-£15

Frequently Asked Questions

We use a soft clay which is specifically made for taking baby imprints, making it suitable for tiniest hands and feet. We gently push the child’s hand/foot into the soft clay to create the impression. You will then need to decide what type of frame you would like and what colour you would like the mount to be (this is the bit that normally takes the time). We then use the clay impression to make a beautiful 2D tile.

  • Processing time: The 2D tiles are normally completed within 3 – 4 weeks depending on the time of year.

When booking for a child/baby, please bear in mind their meal times and sleep times, as the experience will be more enjoyable if your child is happy.

Yes, this will cost an extra £6. 

Just ask us when booking in and we will add this to your order.