About Me

Cast A Memory is run by me, Sharon Dixey, mother of three (Harrison aged 18 and twin girls Holli & Daisy aged 15).


‘I set up Cast A Memory after the birth of my daughters. I wanted a job that I could be passionate about and that would also fit around being a full-time mum. My inspiration came after the birth of my daughters. I was looking for ways to preserve those special moments. The feel of their tiny hands in the palm of mine.’


A photograph is a very good way to record physical features but has its limitations. A three dimensional reproduction provides the possibility to view from all angles. It can be held and felt for both form and contours, therefore providing an altogether better record and a more powerful and pleasing experience.


I went on to research materials and methods followed by extensive testing before launching my business.  It’s not just for babies, anyone can have a hand cast, I recently did a casting for a couple celebrating their ruby anniversary and a family of five wishing to treasure that moment in time.


I have also expanded my business to include hand and foot prints in clay.  ‘Clay prints are obviously slimmer and more like a framed picture when on the wall and cater for wider tastes. I can also provide animal prints which have proved very popular.’  From there I went on to learn about making personalised silver jewellery, which is extremely popular as it is so versatile.


I also now do deep framing for war medals and memorabilia, including babies shoes, horseshoes, wedding tiara, horsehair, I find it very rewarding and absolutely love it.

I decided in 2022 to start doing bereavement casting at funeral homes after a receiving a call from a lady who had lost her husband, previously I had always declined as I felt I was not emotional strong enough to do it but something about this lady made me want to help her. Following on from that, the lady Racheal now works for Cast A Memory providing bereavements casting for other families. Our goal is expand into the funeral homes and offer this service to everyone  in Essex.

My products make perfect gifts for family members and friends, especially those who are unable to see your child as often as they would like (elderly relatives, those overseas etc.), and will last a lifetime, providing joy for many years