Im thrilled with my present! Had my daughter's first shoes presented. Very efficent and friendly service. Was very impressed.

Life Casting for babies & families

Life casting baby and family hands & feet

Life casting is a wonderful way for a moment in time to be captured so it can be treasured and enjoyed forever.  Our special keepsakes are a truly unique way to create a memorial heirloom, which can be passed on for generations.

Over 13 years experience creating life casting memories

At Cast A Memory you are guaranteed a beautiful life casting for your baby or family. Our 3D hand casting will capture every detail from the small fingernail to the tiny creases and skin pores.

A truly unique gift to treasure forever

If you would like to surprise a partner, or parent, with a 3D hand cast, we can send you a gift voucher and you can arrange a time when suitable.

View our Life Casting options:

Great present ideas, grandparents seem to love having tiny feet and hands on their walls

Tom Fleetham

Frequently Asked Questions

On arrival you will be given all the different options, which include engraving plates, type of wood, finish.

For most of our life casting options, the process is very quick.  You will be asked to place your hand(s) in a container which will be filled with mixture (a bit like cold custard) and held in there for about 1-2 minutes. After this time the mixture will set hard.

Please note, that for horizontal casts you will be required to stay still for around 15-30 minutes depending on size of group.  For this reason we believe this option is best suited to well behaved children over 6 years old.

After the setting time, your hands will be slowly released from the mixture, leaving a mould for us to cast.

For most casting I would allow an hour.

  • Appointment time: 45 minutes for a hand and foot – allow more time for double casts.
  • For bereavement casting, visits can take between 1-2 hours to complete.
  • Processing time: normally 4-6 weeks children casts  6 – 8 weeks for larger casts

When booking for a child/baby, please bear in mind their meal times and sleep times, as the experience will be more enjoyable if your child is happy. Sometimes it can help to give your baby a feed whilst casting takes place, as this offers a good distraction. Generally speaking foot castings tend to be easier than hand castings.

If you would like to book for a life casting of a hand for a recently deceased loved one, then we will need to have the contact details of the funeral home where your loved one is.

The funeral home will be able to advise us as to whether a cast will be possible, and will arrange with us a suitable time for the cast to be made.

Once created, the cast will be painted in a pre-colour chosen by you, and presented on a base.  Our charges for this service include our call out fee and travel costs.

Yes.  Life casts can be done at the same time, or separately and joined together at a later date.
For bereavement /deceased castings, there is a option for family members to come to our studio and cast onto a loved ones hand.  Please note however that we currently only offer this option for adults hands.

Yes, engraving costs an extra £8-10.
Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like this included in your order.