Life Casting for babies and family

Life casting baby and family’s hand and feet for over 13 years.

At Cast A Memory you are guaranteed a beautiful life casting or your baby or family. With 3D hand casting every details is captured from the small fingernail to the tiny creases and skin pores. It really is a unique gift which you can treasure forever.

Life casts are a wonderful keepsake that can be treasured and enjoyed forever, a truly unique way to create a memorial heirloom, which can be passed on for generations.

If you would like to surprise a partner or parent with a 3D hand cast, we can send you a gift voucher and you can arrange a time when suitable.

Sharon Thank you. Shoes lovely & you were great to deal with. Will pass the word round. Excellent
Pauline Scanlon

Baby Hands & Feet life castings

Baby hand and feet life casting are like no other keepsake.


New baby life casts are beautiful as they help you to remember how small your child was when they have grown older.


We offer gift vouchers which are very popular for christenings, baptism, baby showers or for your partner.

Various options are available.


Also see our Family Casts for more options for older children, or with siblings and parents.

Price examples - Up to 6 Months

7 Months – 1 year: £5 extra per cast,

1-4 years: £10 extra per cast

baby hand and foot keepsake gift

Baby Hand & Foot


baby hand and foot cast

Baby Hands / Feet

2 casts with single photo and wooden letters


Baby Hand & Foot

1 Hand & 1 Foot with single photo

with wooden letters +£25

baby hand & foot with 2 photos

Baby Hand & Foot

1 Hand & 1 Foot with two photos

with wooden letters +£25

Framed baby hand and feet casts with photo framed

Baby Hands & Feet

2 Hands & 2 Feet with single photo

with wooden letters +£25

twin baby hand and foot casting framed

Twin Baby Hand & Foot

Two sets of separate single hand & foot


Baby feet casts

Baby Love Cast

2 Feet with wooden letters to spell LOVE


*New* Baby Love Cast

with Hand and Feet with wooden letters to spell LOVE


Our Couple and Family cast options make fantastic timeless gifts.

Each Family, couple or parent and child hand cast is painted in a colour of your choice and mounted on a solid Oak based, which can also be stained if required.



Prices include a wooden base, and engraving is an extra £8-10

holding hand family hand cast
Family hand cast

Family Tree Cast Framed - New introductory price

2 adult & 1 child (under 12) holding hands

2 adult & 2 child (under 12) holding hands

2 adult & 3 child (under 12) holding hands

Family Hand cast in Essex

Parents & Baby Hands

2 adults & 1 child (under 12) holding hands
Mounted on a wooden base

Family hand cast in Essex

Family Holding Hands

Mounted on a wooden base ( Children Under 12)

1 Adult - £100
Parent & child - £140
2 Parents & Child - £170
2 Adults - £160

2 adults, 2 children - £190
3 adults - £195
4 adults - £245

Hand Life Cast of 3 Siblings

Family Hand Casting

1 hand each Framed Hand Casts

Baby & Child - £145
3 hands (under 12) - £175
4 hands (under 12) - £215
2 Hands 13 years to adult - £170
2 Adults, 1 child - £220

Couple Hand Casts

Couple hand cast mounted

Couple Hands

2 holding hands
Mounted on a wooden base

Our Couple casts are truly unique and timeless gifts, which perfectly captures the union of two people, forever.

Wedding Gift

Couple Casts are perfect for that completely unqiue wedding gift, which can be extended up to 6 people to make a beautiful family cast.

Gift vouchers are available

Anniversary Gift

If you are looking for a truly original anniversary present for your better half, that echoes your unchanging commitment to each other, then a Couple Cast can is perfect.

Casts can be painted on a colour of your choice, so perfect for those milestone anniversaries.

Wedding Centre Piece

A cast of the bride’s and groom’s hands locked together will make an elegant statement on your big day, and would make a wonderful centre piece on the head table.

Frequently Asked Questions

On arrival you will be given all the different options, which include engraving plates, type of wood, finish.


The actual life casting process is very quick, you will be asked to place your hands in a container which will be filled with mixture (a bit like cold custard) and held in there for about 1-2 minutes. After this time the mixture will set hard.


After the setting time, your hands will be slowly released from the mixture, leaving a mould for us to cast.

For most casting I would allow an hour.

  • Appointment time: 45 minutes for a hand and foot – allow more time for double casts
  • Processing time: normally 5-6 weeks

When booking for a child/baby, please bear in mind their meal times and sleep times, as the experience will be more enjoyable if your child is happy. Sometimes it can help to give your baby a feed whilst casting takes place, as this offers a good distraction. Generally speaking foot castings tend to be easier than hand castings.

Yes, engraving costs an extra £6.
Please let me know when booking if you would like this included in your order.