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Life Casting for Family & Couples

Quality 3D Family hand casting

Family Life casting is a beautiful and memorable way to create a special family keepsake parents, whether they have just welcomed a new addition to the family, become a grandparent, or are wanting to commemorate a special event or anniversary.


Capturing a hand cast lets you hold onto a memory in time, such as a special birthday or family milestone, an engagement, wedding or anniversary.


Perfect for capturing the union of a family group or couple.

Personalised and unique to your family

Each hand cast is painted in a colour of your choice and mounted on a solid Oak based, which can also be stained if required. 

Prices include a wooden base, and engraving is an extra £8-10

Truly unique and timeless gifts

If you would like to surprise a partner or parent with a 3D hand cast, we can arrange a gift voucher so they can arrange a suitable time for them.

Sharon came and took paw prints of both of my dogs, they wasn’t easy, but she done a great job, pride of place on my wall. She also done some cufflinks, key ring, and also a necklace of our dogs prints. All beautiful pieces.

Jennifer Odoherty

I saw Sharon’s work at Linkswood Veterinary practice & thought what a wonderful memorial it would be to have. Several weeks later I knew my Daisy’s time on this earth was coming to an end. I called Sharon to arrange her to come to take Daisy’s paw prints. As it was she was at the vet’s when Daisy was given sleep. Sharon was so kind & caring for me & so respectful to Daisy when she took the impressions & ink print. At a convenient time to me I met Sharon at her studio to choose frames & mounts for the 2 sets of impressions that I had ordered. The ink print is always kept so in time I can go back & have a piece of jewellery made. There was no pressure just understanding & compassion. Today I have collected them & I am utterly blown away with them. Thank you so much Sharon your amazing.

Jane Russell

Family Life Casts

life cast of two hands together on wooden base

Horizonal Hand Casts

1 Adult - £145
2 hands - £180

life cast of three hands together on wooden base

Horizontal Hand Casts

3 hands - £240
4 hands - £300

Family Hand cast in Essex

Parents & Baby Hands

Mounted on a wooden base

2 adults & 1 child*
holding hands - £205

* under 12 years old

Family hand cast

Family Tree Cast Framed

Feet for under 2 only.

2 adult & 1 child* - £290
2 adult & 2 children* - £380
2 adult & 3 children* - £470

Please enquire about our options for larger size families.

* under 12 years old

Three separate child hand casts in frame

Family Framed Hand Casting

1 hand each Framed Hand Casts

Baby & Child - £150
3 child hands - £185
4 child hands - £260

* children must be under 12 years old

Family hand cast in Essex

Family Holding Hands

Mounted on a wooden base

1 Adult - £145
Parent & child* - £165
2 Parents & child* - £205
2 Adults - £180
2 adults, 2 children* - £250
3 adults - £250
4 adults - £280

* under 12 years old

Couple Hand Casts

Couple hand cast mounted

Couple Hands

Mounted on a wooden base
2 holding hands - £180

Our Couple Casts are truly unique and timeless gifts, which perfectly captures the union of two people, forever.

Perfect Wedding Present

Why not surprise the bride and groom with a completely unique wedding gift tailored just for them.  Our Couple Casts are perfect for capturing their union and will beautifully show off their rings.

Casts can also be
extended up to 6 people* to make a beautiful family cast.  Ideal for families who are welcoming children into their union too.

Gift vouchers are available.


*additional fee applies

Anniversary Gift with a Difference

If you are looking for a truly original anniversary gift for your partner, that echoes your unchanging commitment to each other, then a Couple Cast is the perfect present for you.

Hand casts can be painted in a colour of your choice, making them ideal for those milestone anniversaries.

Create a Wedding Centre Piece

A cast of the bride’s and groom’s hands locked together will make an elegant statement on your big day, and would make a wonderful centre piece on the head table.

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