Memorial & Bereavement Life Casting

Creating a memorial of your loved one

When someone you love passes away, the memory of them becomes something you will want to treasure forever.  Our 3D cast capture a tangible memorial which can be held, touched and kept for years to come.


Life casting can bring an enormous amount of comfort to grieving families, which is why we offer memorial and end of life casts alongside our other life casting products.

Cast with dignity and respect

Working with families, hospices, hospitals and funeral directors, we will travel to where your loved one is to perform the casting.  The process of taking the moulds can take between 1-2 hours is always done with dignity and respect.

Add family hands together

In addition to this service, we can also cast on family hands to create a more personal memorial.

Please note this additional service is offered on adult casts only.

Casting Kits

Please note that not all casting materials are equal, We use the strongest plaster and the best quality moulding material. Our prices reflect the quality of the materials.  Many casting kits that are sold online, come with no instructions, wrong-size pots, and very cheap materials.

I have seen casts crumbling after a few years, the same is true for the air-drying clay kits.  A lot of the clay cracks over time, which is heartbreaking for families. It also takes a lot of practice to cast the perfect hand and you usually are only given enough products for one go, we have even seen kits that do not supply enough materials for the item you have ordered. 

Prices includes call out & travel within a specific radius

silver painted cast of a single hand on a wooden base

Memorial Hand Cast

Single adult hand painted and mounted on base with Presentation box

Can be paid in installments

Additional options

There is an option for family members to come to our studio and have their hand cast added onto the deceased hand.

Memorial hands with 2 hands

Memorial cast with
1 added hand

family hand clasp

Memorial cast with
2 added hands

groups of hands

Memorial cast with
2 added hands

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