Such a fabulous experience. Sharon was really great, putting me, my husband and our little boy totally at ease. We really enjoyed the foot casting, it was so much less stressful than we thought it might be!  Then when we picked up our two feet castings, they are so beautiful, very well presented and obviously made with love, care and attention to detail. The castings are a lovely reminder of our beautiful boy at this age. We'll be back for another milestone.

Personalised Silver Jewellery

All of our personalised silver jewellery is crafted from 99.9% pure silver or sterling silver. You can capture any detail you want and carry it with you forever.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Fingerprints
  • Hand Prints
  • Foot Prints
  • Animal Paw Prints
  • Child’s Handwriting
  • Child’s Drawing

Prices are the same whether you have sterling or solid silver, please note that sterling silver is stronger and therefore will not mark as easily as solid silver. A very classy gift, for someone else or for yourself, our silver jewellery products are stylish and unique. You could have your child’s name written in their own handwriting imprinted on a pendant, or their fingerprint on your keyring to take anywhere with you.All item are handmade and will have some slight imperfection which is part of their uniqueness. I work to a high standard and will minimise the imperfections, but please note these are not factory made.

*New* Split in half Charms in own writing for Men/Women

Split half charm on
leather bracelet
Starting from £65.00

Men/Women’s leather bracelets
Perfect to add a small charm to
from £10.00

Large Heart
with Child’s Own Writing

Hand/Footprint Cufflinks

Hand/Footprint Cufflinks

Medium Heart with Belcher

Medium Heart Charm

Medium Heart Charm
£45 (each)

XL Large Oval with p.o.w Chain

Large Charm on Belcher Chain

Large Charm on Belcher Chain

Large Keyring

Large Keyring with Pawprint

Childs own drawing on Large Heart

Medium Rectangular Charm

Medium Rectangular Charm

Medium Charm on Box Chain

Sweetie Bracelet

Sweetie Bracelet (No longer Available)
Tiny charm with own handwriting  £35

Small Heart Charm

Small Heart Charm

Dog Tag with Chain
£45 – £80

Thin Cufflinks

Thin Cufflinks

Tiny Charm

Price List

Charms (Heart, Round, Square, Oval, Rectangle)
To have a child’s own hand writing added to a charm with a hand/fingerprint cost £5 extra.
Only available on medium or large charm (depends on length of name)
Tiny Charm (Fits Hand or Foot) £35
Small Charm (Fits on a Hand or Foot & Name) £40
Medium Charm (Fits Fingerprint & Name or Hand & Foot or Hand & Name) £45
Large Charm (Fits on a Fingerprint or Hand & Foot with Name) £50
Split in half Charm £55
Adult Silver Charm Bracelets (Heart, Round, Square, Oval, Rectangle)
More Bracelets available, please ask for details
Men/Womens leather bracelet – perfect to add a small charm to From £10
Split in Half Charm on Leather Bracelet From £65
Curb Padlock Bracelet with 1 small Charm £80
3mm Snake Bracelet with 1 small Charm £65
Leather Bracelet with 1 small charm £50
Silver Necklaces (Heart ,Round, Square, Retangle, Oval)
Box Chain Necklace with medium Charm £65
2.4mm Snake Chain Necklace with medium Charm £75
1.9mm Snake Chain Necklace with medium Charm £70
Prince Of Wales Chain Necklace with medium Charm £65
Belcher Chain Necklace with medium Charm £65
Oval Belcher Necklace with medium Charm £70
Childrens Christening Bracelets
ID Bracelet £20
Baby Bangle £25
Thick Round Cufflinks (Fits a fingerprint or Hand & Foot) £95
Thick Square Cufflinks (Fits fingerprint or a Hand & Foot or Hand & Name) £110
Keyrings (Round, Heart, Square, Rectangular, Oval)
Large Keyring £75
XL Keyring £80