personalised silver jewellery

Mother’s Day Gift

Personalised Silver Jewellery

Looking for a special gift, show how much you love your mum with a truly one of a kind necklace. Transform your child’s masterpiece into a keepsake you can keep with your forever.

personalised silver jewellery, fingerprint jewellery

Children’s drawing, writing, messages etc need to be written in black felt tip pen on white paper, once this is done you can either post it or email to us at Order now for Mother’s day.

Drawings can be imprinted into cufflinks, keyrings, or onto a charm which can be added to a bracelets or necklaces. For more details and prices click here.

How to take an animals paw print using ink

Personalised silver jewellery for animal paw prints in silver

Bearded Dragon foot print

animal lover gift, paw prints in silver, personalised silver jewellery

This method is used to make personalised silver jewellery.  Your dog/cat paw print will be miniaturised and stamped into pure silver. A perfect way to remember your animal forever or a special gift for an animal lover. This service is not just for cats and dogs, we recently created a beautiful charm of a beaded dragons footprint.

If you live locally you can arrange an appointment and we will take the prints for you. If you live further away an ink kit can be sent to you. Once  finished the item will be sent to you, by royal mail special delivery, this is the only service that offers insurance.

animal paw print in silver, animal lover gift, dog keyring

Dog paw print in personalised silver jewellery.

We also offer a service for recently departed animals, if you live within a 20 mile radius, for a small charge we can visit your vets and take a print for you. Alternatively ink can be sent directly to your vets if you are outside this area. The prints can be stamped into, charms, keyring, cufflinks, dog tags, necklaces, bracelets, The perfect gift for any animal lover.