Animal Memorial Gifts and Keepsake – Animal lover gifts – Paw Prints in clay or silver. Horse, Dog & Alpaca Rosettes

animal rosette framing


We offer a service for cats, dogs, and other small animals, we have even taken the prints of a hedgehog and bearded dragon. We can also travel to your home/vets for animals that have recently departed. Please advise your vet if you wish for prints to be taken. We will then contact them directly to take the clay prints for you.

Gift vouchers also available, a perfect present for any animal lover.

Clay Paw Prints with photo - framed
Paw Prints with Photo Framed in Oak

The perfect gift for any cat or dog lover, our animal clay paw prints preserve an impression of your pet’s paw prints forever, All prints for clay are taken at our studio in Essex, near Colchester/Sudbury. We can travel locally for a small fee for animals that have recently passed away, ill or are nervous. If you require jewellery then please contact us for a kit, we will send this to you for you to take the prints, which can then be sent back to us to make your final jewellery piece. If you wish for us to take the prints please let us know.

You can contact us on  01787 383555 or email

Animal paw print in clay, animal lover keepsake, animal memorial, dog prints in clay.

Dog Paw Prints in Oak Frame

Paw Prints Framed in Oak

Each printed tile is mounted in a hand made glazed frame of your choice including ash, oak, silver, white, black and dark stained wood and is fully lined with a colour mountboard of your choice.

  • Paw Print Impressions £70
    animal paw print in clay, animal lover keepsake, animal memorial, dog prints in clay.
  • Cat & Dog paw prints £90 (2 separate Tiles)
  • 2 Dogs paw prints £95 (2 separate Tiles)
  • Dog/cat Paw Print Impressions with Photo £85
  • Dog Paw Print Impressions with Collar £85
  • Paw Print Impressions with Photo & Collar £105

All prices include 2 paw prints (engraving is an extra £6)


Pet Memorial Box

We also provide a service for animals that are unwell or have recently passed away. For a small charge I can travel to your vet’s and take your animal prints. The paw prints can either be framed on their own (like samples above) or can be mounted in a frame with your pet’s collar or/ and photo. This option is only available locally to Pebmarsh Essex CO9 2NS. Please let your vet and us know as soon as you can so we can organise to take the prints for you, we can also take prints for jewellery too. Once you have contacted us a call out charge will be payable before the prints are taken, this ranges from £20 – £30 depending on location. This will be advised on contact.

Please call us on 01787 383555 to discuss arrangement first, To pay the call out charge on line you can click here.


call out options

Dog Paw Prints in clay, animal lover gift, pet memorial gifts,

Large Dog with Collar

Jewellery Prints can be arrange over the phone ( a kit will be sent) or you can visit our premises and we will take them for you. If you wish to take the prints yourself, please request an ink kit. Upon receipt of your print, we will contact you to discuss your order and payment methods.

Order Ink kit

Animal Paw prints in silver.

Crafted from 99.9% pure solid silver or sterling silver, these are a perfect way to keep your companion close to you forever. We can either send out the ink so you can take your animals paw print in the comfort of your own home or you can visit our studio where we will take them for you.

Charms start from £40 More details and option can be found on the personalised jewellery page. Click Here

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Paw Prints in silver
Paw Prints on a necklace with silver snake chain. £75
dog prints in silver
Paw prints on Keyring £80
animal lover gift, paw prints in silver
Paw prints on cufflinks £95

Animal medals & Rosette Framing

Why not have your animals medals and rosettes framed, rather than leaving them stored away, Prices start at £35 -£125

animal rosette framing
Alpaca Rosette Framing £110
Framing for animal medals
Alpaca Rosette Framing £85
Horse gift - horseshoe framed in deep box frame
Horse show Framed £35 (£40 with Engraving)