I went to see Sharon with my Springer to have her paw print taken to make a key ring for my wife. In typical Springer fashion my dog was less than co-operative and it took numerous attempts until Sharon was happy with the result My wife now treasures this unforgettable keepsake all thanks to Sharon’s patience and professionalism

Mother’s Day Gift

Personalised Silver Jewellery

Looking for a special gift, show how much you love your mum with a truly one of a kind necklace. Transform your child’s masterpiece into a keepsake you can keep with your forever.

personalised silver jewellery, fingerprint jewellery

Children’s drawing, writing, messages etc need to be written in black felt tip pen on white paper, once this is done you can either post it or email to us at info@castamemory.com. Order now for Mother’s day.

Drawings can be imprinted into cufflinks, keyrings, or onto a charm which can be added to a bracelets or necklaces. For more details and prices click here. http://www.castamemory.com/products/personalised-silver-jewellery/