I absolutely love the products I've received from Castamemory. I've had both my boys hand and foot prints done and both finishing results have been amazing! The attention to detail is second none. I can't wait to return for more very soon. Couldn't recommend enough!!!

The Unique Wedding or Anniversary Gift

Wedding Gift

A unique and timeless wedding gift, this captures the union of two people perfectly, forever. This can also be extended up to 6 people to make a beautiful family cast.

Anniversary Gift

An original anniversary gift, give your better half a gift that echoes your unchanging commitment to each other.

Wedding Centre Piece

A cast of the bride’s and groom’s hands locked together will make an elegant statement on your big day, make it a centre piece on the head table.

Wooden base included, engraved plates available for £5 extra.

Life Cast of a Couples Hands Together

Wedding Hands Cast

Hands Cast for Wedding Centrepiece
Wedding Table Centrepiece

The Process

On arrival you will be given all the different options, which include engraving plates, type of wood, finish.

The actual life casting process is very quick, you will be asked to place your hands in a container which will be filled with mixture (a bit like cold custard) and held in there for about 1-2 minutes. After this time the mixture will set hard.
After the setting time, your hands will be slowly released from the mixture, leaving a mould for us to cast.

How Long Does it Take?

  • Appointment time: around 30 minutes
  • Processing time: normally 2 – 4 weeks