Very happy with the service and the end result The quality of the casting exceeded our expectations and would we recommend this service to anyone who wanted a cast made Sharon was patient and tried several times to get the right quality mold
Olga and Bobby Biran

Gift Vouchers

If you want to give one of our unique products as a gift, you could leave the choice up to the recipient. Our Gift vouchers are presented in a premium envelope, and sealed with an elegant ribbon.

Gift vouchers can be sent to you or straight to the recipient. They can be supplied in a paw print design if your gift is for a pet lover, and they can also have a personal message printed inside.

Ideal for…

  • Wedding Gifts
  • Christening Gifts
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas

Order Gift Vouchers

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pixel - Gift Vouchers

pixel - Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher Presentation Pack
Gift Voucher Presentation Pack